Removable Pool Safety Fence


The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm enhances the security of a safety fence. A gate alarm reinforces the weakest link of a pool or property fence, the gate latch, which is subject to mechanical deterioration and occupant and visitor interaction. Alarming occurs if a child succeeds in unlatching the gate, if the gate fails to re-latch after adult entry, or if a child wearing a Turtle wristband goes in the water.

Features The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm offers many unique security and convenience features:
•It’s wireless, which allows you to decide where alarming occurs, within 250 ft. [75 m.] of gate. Other systems alarm only at the gate, where you may not hear it.
•The adult bypass switch on top of the unit means the Safety Turtle gate sensor never has to be disarmed. It provides an 11 second entry time so the alarm sounds on child entry but not on adult entry.
•Entry time can be extended by holding or repeatedly depressing the switch within 11 seconds.
•LED on sensor illuminates during bypass period. It also confirms battery is functioning.
•Alarm qualified to operate in weather year-round.
•The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing.
•Replaceable sensor battery [included] lasts 30,000 entries.
•Simple sensor low battery test.
•The Safety Turtle system can be progressively expanded through the purchase of additional sensors(s) of the same color.
•By using different colors of Turtle, neighbors can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other’s alarms.


Child Immersion Alarm – A last layer of protection for children near water Safety Turtle provides continuous protection to the wearer. This continuous protection compares to water disturbance pool alarms which are deactivated (and reactivated) by whoever uses or cleans the pool or spa. This distinction is vital because toddler accidents often occur when a pool or spa area is left unsecured or when adults are in attendance.

A Safety Turtle personal alarm can also accompany a child on vacation or on visits to a boat, cottage or another pool, where unfamiliar surroundings and less security add risk.

Safety Turtle® is a family of Wireless Alert products designed to enhance security in the home and in the workplace. All Safety Turtle products satisfy the high performance, reliability and operational simplicity requirements of discriminating safety equipment users. Our User Guides give clear instruction on proper use. We provide North America toll free customer service with prompt call back. Terrapin’s product distribution network has steadily expanded to meet a world wide need for Safety Turtle. All our wireless devices come in both North American [318 MHz] and European [433 MHz] models. Originally introduced in 1998 as a “last layer of protection” for young children near water, the Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm has been adapted for pets, patients doing water physiotherapy, for workers near water hazards, to automatically alert lifeguard rescues, and as a “wireless lanyard” to prevent propeller injury with falls overboard. The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm introduced in 2006 satisfies the need of home owners [and the hospitality sector] to remotely monitor pool and property fence gates. A Safety Turtle Wireless Alert system consists of one or more Base Station receivers and an unlimited number of radio sensors. The sensors may be of different types, immersion, gate, panic, but must be the same color to work with the same Base Station. Any sensor type can initiate alarming at the Base Station.

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